Living  up  to  its  declared  goal  of  achieving  global  standards,  Anjali Tutorials launched  Smart  Classes. Prior to it, serious preparation and demonstration had been done by the Director, the Principal and the teacher. After finding good merit in the system, the staff gave the project a go-ahead. 


A fancy dress show was organized for the students of Class III where they had to wear traditional dress of any state of India and speak about it in front of the class. The students enjoyed the activity and learned about the clothes worn by the people of different states. It was an enriching experience for them.

Vegetable Activity

The students of L.K.G & U.K.G had a VEGETABLE ACTIVITY at Anjali Tutorials. The teachers explained about the vegetables, their colors & taste in English and in Hindi. The children then purchased the vegetables from the vegetable seller and took them home .It was a fun filled activity. The children were very excited & enjoyed a lot.

‘SH’ sound Activity

During the first week of all the months, the children of UKG did a mat making activity. It was undertaken to recap the ‘sh’ sound words. The children wrote ‘SH’ sound words on the cut-outs of different shapes, and pasted them to make a mat. It helped them to recap the words. They learnt by having fun.

Story Writing using Idioms

Story writing is a powerful tool which allows the children to use their imagination and thinking on a particular topic. It broadens their thought process. It also helped them to refine their language skills.

Speaking Activity

The students of Nursery to Class VIII were given an opportunity to speak from the perspective of the animals and the birds.The students shared a lot of interesting facts and information about the animals and the birds.The props, hand bands and headbands prepared by the students were the added attraction. It was indeed an enriching and informative session.

English Speaking Activity

A speaking activity was conducted at Anjali Tutorials to enhance their imaginative, vocabulary and speaking skills. Students were asked to gather information related to insects; viz- appearance, eating habits, seasonal changes, amazing facts and uses. Later, they acted like the insects and shared their information in the class using the first person narrative. They gave interesting names to their insects. Along with this, attractive headbands were made by them to enrich their performance.